In  1993,  Bob  Babbitt  was  flown  into  Philadelphia  to  play  on  a

recording  session for  60’s  teen idol Bobby  Rydell.  The recording     

engineer, unaware of who the mystery bass player on the floor was,

turned to the producer with an ear-to-ear grin after Bob had played

just a few notes and said, “this isn’t just any bass player, is it?”

Over the past four decades, Bob Babbitt has transcended

the supportive,  background  role  of  electric  bassist   

to become an  institution, an  icon  of  the  groove so  

to  speak.   As  a  major  role  player  in  the  Detroit,

Philadelphia,  New  York  and  Nashville  recording

scene from the 1960’s through the 1990’s, Bob’s

bass lines have graced over 200 Top 40 hits.  

To date, over 100,000,000 recordings featuring

Bob’s  bass  artistry  have been sold,  including

landmark recordings like:  Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy

Mercy Me and “Inner City Blues”. Stevie Wonder’s

“Signed,  Sealed  and  Delivered”.  Gladys  Knight’s

“Midnight  Train  To  Georgia”.   Smokey  Robinson’s

“Tears  Of  A  Clown”.  Diana Ross’  “Touch  Me  In  The

Morning”.  The Spinners’,   “Rubber Band Man”. The Capitols’

“Cool Jerk”,  Edwin Starr’s  “War”.  Gloria Gaynor’s  “Never Can

Say  Goodbye”.  Robert  Palmer’s  “Every  Kind  Of  People”,  and

Barry Manilow’s  “Ready To Take A Chance”.

That  Philadelphia  engineer’s  ears were right on target.  Bob  Babbitt

was never just “any bass player”.

“It’s probably safe to say that every minute of every day, 365 days a year, Bob Babbitt’s bass is pumping out of some radio station somewhere.”   Rick Suchow - Bass Guitar Magazine (Jan, 2010)

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